Thursday, November 11, 2004

First Blog

What am I suppose to do with blogging? Where does it lead to? I am not sure. It probably will never lead to anything. I only know that, "hey, blogging is everywhere. Why don't you try it? And why not start today?" Therefore, I started this blog. I also know that I am not very good at writing things. There is no harm. I will only improve from here, right? And how about this one? I will do it in my way, an unstructured way. Hopefully soon, I will achieve something.

To start with, I should leave a few bullets to describe my current states. Hmm ...
1. Married with a lovely wife and a super adorable 2.5 years old girl
2. Jobless, or more diplomatically, actively seeking a transition of my career (just trying to dramatize my current situation, actually I am starting a job soon)
3. A burning passion with art but have no plan and gut to change my career
4. A mediocre classical pianist although some people, aka my wife and parents, are happily fooled by my musical sense

Enough for a start. My brain is stuck anyway. Will come back soon.