Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New York MOMA

Being a gallery fans, the visiting experience in New York is very very different from galleries in Europe. Museum of Modern Arts or MOMA is one of the most famous galleries in the world for its rich collection of art pieces and, well, perhaps a few other unique charismatic features.

First, it was very crowded. Perhaps I picked the wrong Friday of the year to visit there. It is the Good Friday holiday where people from every corner of the world seem to gather in the gallery. Having just been to the Times Square, I believe it makes a perfect connection in terms of packing with people, although gallery and high street shopping does not always go hand in hand.

Second, American viewers seem to be rushing all the time. Not many of them stay in front of an exhibit for more than 3 seconds, if not for taking a picture. They are as efficient as an army, get in, get an impression, get out - Quick and speedily.

Third, people in the gallery like to take photos. Not only have they taken photos of the exhibits but also themselves in the picture. To think of it, it is being funny when they see their heads sticking out in the middle of a painting. What will go in their minds? Beauty or the beast interfering the beauty of an art piece.

Fourth, I was used to the idea of share viewpoints with other fellow viewers for the purpose of mutual learning. Eavedropping the conversations in front of paintings, I learnt that the topics are more often about who is going to Susan's party this weekend or alike, than about the art pieces. I could only puzzled how I could ever join in any of these conversations.

Fifth, pop arts are evidently more popular in the gallery. Don't get me wrong. I don't have prejudice against pop arts. It is just my own observation. Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe on a golden panel is the most popular picture among audiences. The crowd is similar to the Mona Lisa in the Luv Museum.

Sixth, MOMA is the noisiest gallery and holds the widest range of conversations I have ever visited. People talked on the phone and discussed their personal lives publicly as if everyone else are interested. Well, I have enough issues myself so I would lend my hand to open my ears to their conversations when I have finished worrying mine. Happy to help only when I am ready.

MOMA, a fantastic experience and I am planning to go again this Friday.