Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ashley's end-of-term performance at Scottish Opera

I was sitting with another 30-40 proud parents. Yes, we were all proud because our younger ones were about to perform a wee musical, Pirates Of Penzance. It was the first time Ashley performs in front of a large audience. I was a proud father as usual, and I was sure the person sitting next to me, Bonnie, was a proud mother too. It is this little creature, sometimes shy, is now able to sing and dance in front of a bunch of strangers. There she was running from one end to another, scrubbing the floor, climbing a rope, then she also lined up straight and sang with other kids of similar ages as she. Aren't those things amazing? She may only be playing a small sharing role with all the other 3-5 years old kids. It is the confidence that they gain from this little show that counts. Good luck to all of you! Some of you may shine in the international stage one day.

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