Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Ashley

Dear Ashley,

Daddy is in London to work from Monday to Friday. It has been like that for 5 weeks now. Without you and mommy around, I could hardly enjoy the city. London is a big city. It is supposed to be lively, fun, vibrant, cultural, elegant, cosmopolitan and on and on the list does not stop. But none of these are relevant because you and mommy are not around. Everyday I start early and stay rather late at work. Without you’re your lovable distractions, there is not much to do other than working harder. After work I eat as simple as possible, sometime sandwiches, or a take away fried rice, or a bowl of noodle shop. I do not need fancy food because my dear daughter and wife are sharing it with me.

I have also been busy looking for a house and more importantly school for you. For days I have to view properties, I would leave work earlier. However, it will be quite late when I get back to the hotel room.

I have been in central London once, but I did not feel I was part of it. I remembered I could only see people flashing in front of me, walk next to me, and passed behind me. They were flat, have no face and soulless. Maybe I am who is soulless, right? All these people were simply meaningless to me. And for that reason, I absolutely have no interest of them.

Ashley, daddy is not sad or down or depress. In fact, I am living a happy life in London. What I really want to tell you is how much I miss you here. I am now sitting down at Starbucks. There is a girl around your age buying a drink with her mom. She is an adorable and beautiful girl. She is curious but also very polite. She reminds me of you, and how much I miss you. I feel that it is very important for me to have both you and mommy around. When you are here, colours become colorful. They are no longer just a name.

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