Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finally it is a Friday again. This is a short week, but still it only seems yesterday that I flew here from Glasgow. Today is a day I call it highly efficient. The work and travel schedule have been very tight. I have to attend a full day meeting about an hour west of London by train. Then I have to cut through central London to take a train (another hour) to the Stansted Airport which is at the north. Time was very tight but luckily everything works just fine. Considering the transportation in London, it is actually quite remarkable. This is my lucky day!

London has been warm in the past few days. In fact, the whole Britain was hot. All of a sudden, we are in summer. Wearing a jacket suddenly becomes odd. Most people are showing as much skin as possible. It was only 4 weeks ago that we were stuck at Ben AÂ’an next to Loch Katrina and not able to get to the top because of the snow. It was the same time where the whole countryside was completely white. Last Monday when we stayed at home, I suggested to turn on the radiator because we started to feel cold. Within a short week, the temperature has been doubled. Well, I have no complaint, just amazed with the difference!

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